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Snapchat announces the Spectacles sunglasses/camera hybrid

Snapchat announces the Spectacles sunglasses/camera hybrid

Creeps and CIA operatives everywhere, rejoice! Snapchat is releasing an unholy union of sunglasses and cameras to make every summer day an exercise in suspicion of your fellow shades enthusiast.

The device, also know as Spectacles for some reason, will be hitting store shelves later this year for all you covert snappers to enjoy. To prevent Spectacles quickly becoming tools of perverts and/or stalkers, lights on the front of the sunglasses will indicate when recording begins, with the footage displayed in a new ‘circular’ format, able to be viewed from a number of angles. The battery will last for around a day at a rough estimate and will cost you up to £100.

Google Glass comes to mind when considering the pitch, and memories of horrifying price points, shoddy manufacturing and general user hostile interfaces bring tears to the eyes and shivers down the spine. However, the Spectacles have style and cost covered already, so the only question that remains is how they will work upon the initial release.

Where Google Glass miserably failed, Snapchat hopes to find some level of success. The tech market loves convenient innovations, and wearable tech is the new hotness according to all the 15 year olds that inform us of whats ‘hip’, so we can see future demand in this ambitious venture.

More surprising is the re-branding Snapchat is going through, know calling itself Snap, Inc. Seemingly suffering from some kind of complex, this change in name indicates a change of attitude, as the developers are now beginning to diversify their portfolio and goals for the future.

With a neat design, excellent price point and a solid foundation, this could be a big hit with consumers. The launch will be limited at first to allow the guys over at Snap, Inc to see if their plans are indeed within public interest, so until we see some sales reports the future is,as of yet, undecided.

But they sure do look ‘snappy’.

We’re not sorry.


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