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Our top five gadgets of the future…today(ish)

Our top five gadgets of the future…today(ish)

It’s 2015 and there are no jetpacks. To start any article with a bombshell like that is almost a violation of human rights, but it’s getting to the point where we as a species have to accept the truth that the Blade Runner dystopian future may not happen in our life time. But thanks to the powerhouse that is a demanding consumer base, we are beginning to fall into the science fiction realm. So crack out those space wallets and cyber bucks, it’s time to go shopping.

1)Stealth Suits

oie_605451PpDAeweG Our top five gadgets of the

The only thing the government needs to see are these ripping abs

With the growing trend of overbearing surveillance and the ever present threat of drone technology destroying our basic rights to privacy, it might be time to invest in a thermal stealth suit. Anti-establishment fashion designer Adam Harvey developed a line of thermal blocking stealth suits back in 2014. And considering how much of an idiot you look wearing one, a low profile seems appropriate.


2) Holograms and augmented reality

oie_61748RrOJ3TGG Our top five gadgets of the

‘Day forty-six; I have taught teeny space cadet to fear pain’

2015 was a big year for attempting to remove oneself from reality. The Oculus Rift created a rabid rush between industry titans to create their own VR dominance after it’s enormously successful Kickstarter. Microsoft has doubled down on the HoloLens, which crafts a virtual reality through a nifty headset that would make Robocop feel obsolete. Finally, basic human interaction can be eliminated, the greatest threat to our slow devolution into sofa bound slug people.

3) Head Up Display (for cars)

Continental_HUD_Combiner_Outro Our top five gadgets of the

Not pictured: Heat Seeking Missiles App

That rickety old Fiat Punto will never be the battle mech you dream of, even if you keep calling it ‘Cherno Alpha’. However Continental, a non invasive dashboard mounted HUD brings it that little bit closer to reality.  Providing simple but informative information based on traffic conditions, navigation and more, the compact device makes you feel like like the future is only a junction away. And speaking of battle mechs….


4) A Battle Mecha

oie_614410qBTtWxKO Our top five gadgets of the

‘Puny flesh bags, prepare to capture my good side!’

Japan has once again reminded us that dreams are just blueprints for insanity. Yes, you can now pre-purchase your own personal Suidobashi Heavy Industry war bot for $1.3 Million on Amazon and yes, I am aware that it may not really be classed as a ‘gadget’, but it’s just too neat to ignore. Equipped with arm mounted BB Miniguns (sold separately) you too could have the power to win quite literally every argument. You don’t need a house, you have a mech to live in. You don’t need food, the mech will provide precious life sustaining battery fluid. You don’t need to fear the ever encroaching battle for dominance with extraterrestrial super powers, you have an entirely non-lethal mech. Oh wait, ignore that last bit.


5) Back To The Future’s Self Lacing Shoes

oie_621537VRu6bjn6 Our top five gadgets of the

Looking pretty Mcfly

Nike’s efforts to turn a 30 year old joke into an actual purchasable product is more than admirable, it’s downright inspiring. First seen in the comedy classic series Back To The Future, the self lacing shoes are sadly in very limited supply. However, footwear developers Powerlace have taken the formidable task of crafting a model for all consumers. The sneakers react to user movement and pressure, adjusting the laces appropriately. The only question that remains is if the shoes can be trusted in the coming conflict between man and machine.

And there you have it, just five of the enormous number of sci gadgetry that is on its way. So get saving, and remember; science fiction doesn’t have to be fiction.




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