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The top 5 VR headsets under £50

The top 5 VR headsets under £50

So the buzz around VR has become a little bit quiet, with most early adopters breaking away from reality in pursuit of the creepiest delights on offer for their expensive headset.

But not everyone was able to front the shockingly high cost of entry for a VR device alone, even when ignoring the alienating PC hardware components. It sure is a good thing the free market exists then isn’t it.

A wave of clever people have been working their fingers to the bone in an effort to push this hot new technology, but without burning an unpleasantly large hole in your wallet. And we’ve been looking out for the best of the bunch.

Do you fancy taking a step into the future of interactive media for less than your average videogame? Join us then, on our pursuit of the best VR headsets for under £50:


1) Fiit VR: £17.99

LeNest-official-wide The top 5 VR headsets under £50

One of the most painless ways to get around forking out buttloads of cash money for a shot at experiencing VR is to look to the smart phone options. You’ll be seeing a lot of this later on, but our first pick is the Fiit VR headset. With an excellent build quality that mimics the Samsung Gear VR, this headset will house your smartphone and give you access to the wealth of 3D experiences available on almost all app stores. The optics and fitting are adjustable and result in a very comfortable device. It looks nice, is easy to setup and is dirt cheap, so you can’t afford not to check this one out.


2) Freefly VR: £47.70 

freefly The top 5 VR headsets under £50

Cutting it close to the maximum price tag, the Freefly VR is a premium device with a budget price tag. It features a lovingly crafted design that feels luxurious during extended sessions, 120 degrees of vision from an excellent pair of high quality lenses and as a bonus includes a free wireless controller for those gaming enthusiast among us. A great package for some great immersive VR moments.


3) Pasonomi VR: £19.99 

pasa The top 5 VR headsets under £50


Simple to use, compatible with almost all smartphones and lightweight, the Pasonomi VR headset is a delight to use and far exceeds what the price tag would have you expecting. There isn’t a whole lot to discuss with this one, it just does exactly what it says it does with a no fuss approach that lets every type of user step into a VR world.


4) IncrediSonic VUE VR: £32.95

incredi The top 5 VR headsets under £50


This is the ultimate in easy to handle VR headsets. With almost no setup required, the IncrediSonic VR just asks you to pop your smartphone into the device, shove it on your head and get to work. The inclusion of a Bluetooth remote control that is quick to pair with a phone means you don’t have to break from a good session and can control games/apps while wearing the headset. A must have for mobile enthusiasts.


5) Merge VR: £39.99

merge The top 5 VR headsets under £50

It may not be the most advanced piece of kit out there, but the Merge VR headset has certainly made a name for itself. With a unique design and compatibility with any existing VR app on the Google Play and iOS store, this budget headset has been a popular choice for many. Fully adjustable and easy to fit, the Merge is a common choice for very good reasons.


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