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Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items

Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items

With every passing Fashion Week, stylish runway-infused tech is edging closer and closer to centre stage. Take last month’s NYFW: on show was everything from emoji pins activity trackers to gif dresses to the hotly anticipated Fitbit/Public Enemy collaboration. While you can’t buy any of those gems (yet), we’ve compiled this list of the chicest, luxury fashion tech items you can get your mitts on right now.


1) Apple Watch Hermès: £1150

apple-watch-hermes-double-tour-press Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items
The Hermès/Apple collaboration is the tech company’s first foray into high fashion. While the iWatch itself was met with a lukewarm reaction from the fashion community, the Apple Watch Hermès was much better received. And why wouldn’t it be? Traditional and tech are juxtaposed with its beautifully crafted leather strap, Hermès watch face and the iWatch hardware. This is one fashion tech collaboration that’s topping every techie’s wishlist.


2) VINAYA ALTRUIS rose gold and white bracelet: £250

download Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items
ALTRUIS are on a mission to disconnect you from the overwhelming noise of tech. Oh, and they’re doing this in the most beautiful way possible. Their rose gold and white bracelet connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and you choose the notifications you want to receive through its vibrate function. Its sleek, minimalist design is made to be admired, yet it’s somehow still subtle. It’s functionality and fashion at its finest. So set the phone down and leave it there – your bracelet will tell you when you really need to check.


3) Christian Louboutin spiked iPad case: £495

loubs-41 Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items
Here’s a way to update your iPad that has nothing to do with software: pop it in a Christian Louboutin studded case. With its gold, black and silver studs on black leather it gives your cute little gadget some much needed edge. Open up the case and you’re met with a pop of colour in the form of red leather lining. Tuck away your iPad in its protective cover and cart it around with you, in style.


4) Beyond Object Empty Memory Structure 8GB USB Stick in rose gold: £60

?format=1000w Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items
If there’s one thing that is never pretty, it is surely the trusty USB stick. Except Beyond Object have somehow made it so. Then again, it shouldn’t be surprising that the company that can make a letter knife cool can also work their magic on a USB. The minimalist design is in stark contrast to the chunky, ugly USBs we’ve become accustomed to using everyday. It’s almost enough to get us excited about our office errands.


5) Parrot Zik 3 headphones in emerald green: £279.99

parrot-zik-3-wireless-headphone-emerald-green-croco Gigabytes of Grace: Our top 5 luxury fashion tech items
Statement headphones are all the rage, and it’s even better if they’re smart. With its bright colours, oval shape and smart technology, the Parrot Zik 3 headphones are a must-have accessory for music lovers. Choose a tune and press play, knowing that your headphones will automatically cancel out excess noise ensuring that you get amazing audio quality. Plus, there’s less fiddling with controls as you can simply swipe your finger along the outside of the headphone to skip through your tracks and change the volume.


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