TV Highlights this Week - - by Patrick Hetherington

BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights (24th – 30th)

BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights (24th – 30th) IMAGE:

Holy and unholy, human and inhuman, Mel and Sue, this week’s TV Highlights say hello to a fresh and exciting lineup of series both returning and debuting, but it’s also time to say bye-bye to Bake Off at the BBC, a show that truly puts the ‘sweet’ in ‘bittersweet’. Order Soma no script next day delivery The Walking Dead (FOX UK – Monday 24th, 9pm)

It was the cliffhanger that sent the fanbase into a fury, generating a reaction almost reminiscent of that to the final scene of The Sopranos for ‘are you kidding me?!’ factor. Now, at long last, it’s time to see who bit the bat. Rick. Rosita. Daryl. Maggie. Eugene. Michonne. Sasha. Carl. Aaron. Glenn. Abraham. Who dies, Negan decides.


The Great British Bake Off (BBC One – Wednesday 26th, 8pm)

We were going to say a little something ahead of the black day itself, but we’ll hold off on the full emotional outpouring, except to say the very best of luck to finalists Candice, Andrew and Jane! As for the rest, we’ll leave it to the creators of this video to sum up what everyone may be saying, but with a decent beat on top.

Credit: The Stupendium – YouTube


The Young Pope (Sky Atlantic – Thursday 27th, 9pm)

Recent television hits the likes of Game of Thrones and The Borgias seem to have a common theme of anti-elitism, casting the ivory tower-dwellers of history and fantasy in dark and twisted lights. Now it appears there’s a new player on the scene, one boasting no less of a star-studded cast, and promising just as much intrigue, agendas, taboo and twisted ambition. An original series from Italian silver screen director Paolo Sorrentino, unusually the series is scheduled to air in double-bill instalments, its ten episodes split evenly across five weeks. It seems we’re certainly not in for a dull November this year!


Humans (Channel 4 – Sunday 30th, 9pm)

2015’s well-received sci-fi series (it was the highest rated Channel 4 drama since the early 1990s) returns but a day before Halloween this year, and whether the eeriness that formed such a part of the show’s identity first time around will be turned up a notch remains to be seen. Following the decision by our ragtag rebel robot heroes not to release the programme that would give all ‘synths’ everywhere true consciousness (but with Niska secretly creating a copy before going solo), divisions deepen as both sides wrestle with questions of what they would do with the power to effectively create life. How this series will fare against the fierce competition of Westworld, we’ll just have to see for ourselves. Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix Trilogy, Marvel’s Jessica Jones) joins the all-returning cast.



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