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BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights March 6th-12th

BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights March 6th-12th

This week’s TV highlights forms a super team hellbent on saving the world by tracking down evildoers through time and finding you the very best of the box. Don’t say we never did anything for ya!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Sky1 – March 10th, 8pm)

Firestorm, The Atom, White Canary (the original Black Canary from Arrow, resurrected in the Lazarus Pits, come on, keep up!), Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl and pulled together to form an unlikely alliance in order to save the world from certain doom. That doom is in the form of Vandal Savage, a time-traveling nutjob who wants nothing more than absolute power. We first met Savage in a two part Arrow/Flash crossover before Christmas and it seems that he wasn’t stopped.

Time master Rip Hunter (Dr Who’s Arthur Darvill, playing, arguably, his own version of Dr. Who) travels back in time to present day to form this team of heroes and villains (Captain Cold and Heatwave have been a thorn in The Flash’s side for a while now), to help stop the world being destroyed and all of time itself being ripped apart. So far, it all sounds very Dr. Who, which we aren’t complaining about in the slightest. The only concern is, how do you juggle so many character at once? So far, so good, so exciting, so cool. We are very excited to see the DCTV Universe (or Arrowverse) grow in size.

The Flash (Sky1 – March 8th, 8pm)

So Barry needs to be faster. Dr. Wells is doing all he can to increase his speed so he can take on the mysterious Zoom. It’s all very exciting. Season 2 has not disappointed. Sure the central Zoom mystery isn’t as great as the Reverse Flash arc from last year… speaking of which… last week ended with a weird one, with Reverse Flash reappearing and not knowing where he is. Is he the key to stopping Zoom?

This second half of the season we also be getting a Supergirl/Flash crossover which we are so giddy for, in a completely geeky nerdgasm kind of way, seeing Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin together in their respective roles is going to be awesome. How is this possible though? Are they in the same universe? nope. Not quite. That dimension tear we saw open at the end of season one, the thing that leads to the multiverse, the thing that has brought Zoom forward? That thing? Well, that thing is how we are getting an episode with Flash and Supergirl. It’s gonna be awesome. As is the Kevin Smith directed episode.

Arrow (Sky1 – March 9th, 8pm)

Felicity got shot at the end of last season, there was all those gravestone scenes… oh how Arrow played with our emotions. She is out of hospital now, but not quite the Felicity we once knew. Now a paraplegic, Felicity struggles to work out what her place is in team Arrow. Arrow is going to some dark places again this season, and it all seems to be coming together nicely. The island storyline is intriguing and we have no idea where it will take us, which makes this show very exciting.

Thirteen (BBC2 – March 6th, 10pm)

Available on BBC Three Iplayer and being shown on BBC2, this drama follows 26 year old Ivy Moxam who has escaped from a cellar that she was being held captive in for the last thirteen years. If this is the kind of quality drama that we are to expect from the new and improved online BBC3 then it is off to a good chance. A riveting mystery that will keep you hooked.

Think Room, meets Broadchurch

The Aliens (E4 – March 8th, 9pm)

Aliens have landed. Crap. Don’t fear, they have been here for forty years and they are kept separate from us in a place called Troy. You see, when they landed they were integrated into society, but shortly humans started to become intolerant of them and eventually forced them into this ghetto like place now called Troy.

Treated like underclass, the aliens are allowed out to work, performing menial labour, but by nightfall they have to be back behind the walls of Troy. Sounds all a bit dark and heavy right? Kinda. It’s a dark comedy, with a bit of social bite, carrying a strong message about tribalism and the cruelty of tolerance. This new scifi comedy looks awesome and is brought to you by the creative minds behind Misfits, Rev and In the Flesh.


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