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BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights May 21st-28th

BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights May 21st-28th

Best of the Box shows you what you will likely be watching this week. It will also show you what you should be watching, because, well, these are this week’s TV highlights…

Wallander (BBC1 – May 22nd, 9PM)

The beginning of the end comes to the PBS/BBC co production of the English language version of the Swedish Kurt Wallander stories. Before jumping over to English language, Wallander, aside from the original novels by Henning Mankell, Wallander has been a series of films and a TV show over in Sweden and all have proved immensely popular.

So, this, the final series based upon The White Lioness and the final Wallander novel The Troubled Man, sees Kenneth Branagh reprise his smaller, spikier version of the character. While he doesn’t quite fit the character of the book, (the best and only other can be seen in the Swedish shows), Branagh’s Wallander is distinctive in it’s own right, more nervy, more bundled up with internal struggles.

As the show progresses Wallander begins to show signs of dementia, truly showcasing Branagh’s talent and understanding for the character. It is heartbreaking. Beautiful photography, brilliant performances and enough plot twists and double crossing and rug pulls to keep you on your toes. It’s a shame we are saying goodbye to this particular Nor-detective.

The Catch (Sky Living – May 26th, 10PM)

This new thriller from the minds of Shonda Rhimes of How to Get Away With Murder fame and Betsy Beers features Mirelle Enos as Alice Vaughan, a strong and successful private investigator. Things take a turn when Alice is expertly conned by her fiancé, who disappears with millions. While juggling her other cases, Alice plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse, determined to find her evasive fiancé before he destroys everything she has worked for.

Rhimes and Beers also serve as executive producers alongside Allan Heinberg who was behind Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. So if you are fan of any of those, and it seems that pretty much everyone is, then this is something not to be missed. Renewed for a second season in the midst of mass TV cutting, welcome news for anyone who gets sucked into this addictive thriller.

Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories (Sky Arts – May 26th, 9PM)

This new four part mini series has got us very excited. Adapted from four of Neil Gaiman’s short stories: “Foreign Parts”, a story of identity; the ghostly tales of “Feeders & Eaters”, “Closing Time”, and the life-spanning story, “Looking For The Girl”. Set in London, these four 30-minute short stories will be characteristically dark and strange whilst also drawing on the deftly crafted characters’ human warmth and wit.

What is so awesome about Gaiman’s work is that it will draw you into a brilliant crafted and recognizable world, only to then lift the curtain on something strange, beautiful, ugly, weird or terrifying, or sometimes all these things at once. The producers of the series, along with Gaiman have made sure they stay true to the source material. So, if you are Gaiman super fan… get excited. And, just possibly, a bit scared.

Bloodline (Netflix – May 27th)

Bloodline’s first season was pretty damn dark. Premiering all at once, the binge-worthy 10-episode second season of the Netflix series again has murder in the cards as the consequences of the secret killing of black sheep Danny by his younger brother John at the end of Season 1 now turns into the equivalent of nuclear winter fallout for the Florida Keys-based clan. It’s as intense, if not more so than the first season, more riveting and making it oh so easy to just click on for the next episode. Goodbye weekend.

The Flash (Sky1 – May 24th, 8PM)

As we have said before, the Zoom storyline hasn’t been as great as last season’s arc, but we have had some pretty great episodes and stand out moments in this, the second year of The Flash. We are nearing the end of this season, and this episode should be a stand out as it sees Kevin Smith take the helm of the show as he directs his first proper superhero. Bluntman and Chronic don’t really count.

Angie Tribeca (E4 – May 26th, 9:30PM)

Forget Brooklyn Nine- Nine. Wait, no, don’t do that, that show is still great. This however takes the police procedural show and pokes a thousand new holes in it. Think Police Squad (of The Naked Gun, and if you must, A Touch of Cloth, except this does it better than Charlie Brooker’s show).

A spoof of hilarious proportions, from the teaser of each episode, usually sight gag, word play or a dog at a computer to the superb send up of the CSI opening title sequence that always ends up with someone in pain, Angie Tribeca does what few spoof shows have done in the past. It works. Sure some gags fall flat, but there are so many of them, you don’t really notice the duff ones.

Created by Steve and Nancy Carrell, staring Rashida Jones from The Office US and Parks and Rec, who is absolutely worth the watch alone, we cannot recommend this silly show enough. Watch. Seriously.


Scriptwriter and storyteller. Lover of coffee, donuts, the weird and the wonderful and is happiest when LOST... or watching the telly.

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