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BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights Oct 9th – 15th

BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights Oct 9th – 15th IMAGE:

As per usual, the television world is filled with delights, ranging from drama to comedy to science fiction delights. This week, our TV highlights include saying goodbye to a series, hello to a new comedy and welcoming back to our screens a glam icon. So, while you fret about whatever work related stresses are sure to come your way, because we’ve compiled a list of your viewing opportunities.


NATIONAL TREASURE (Channel 4 – Tuesday 11th)

national-treasure-6024 BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights Oct 9th - 15th


The final part in Channel 4’s incredible four part drama sees us find out if Robbie Coltrane’s Paul Finchley actually did sexually assault the people he has been accused of. With his wife and his daughter both choosing to believe him, it’s certain that there are going to be some twists, revelations and BAFTA worthy performances coming our way. Has British drama been this good? Not since that first series of Broadchurch. Compelling stuff, if you’ve missed the first three parts jump onto 4OD and get ready for the final part.


DIVORCE (Sky Atlantic – Tuesday 11th)

Sarah Jessica Parker, she of Sex and the City fame and Thomas Haden Church, he of being in loads of great stuff fame, star as a couple on the verge of divorce. From trailers alone it looks to be hilarious, blackly comic and probably touching in places. Of the spate of new released comedy, there seems to be an influx of sharply written comedies. This has us excited, hopefully we’ve found another series to sit along Brooklyn Nine-Nine in providing sharp laughs.


BOY GEORGE’S 1970s: SAVE ME FROM SUBURBIA (BBC2 – Thursday 14th)

Let’s face it, everyone likes Boy George. You can lie, and say you don’t, but after a couple of drinks when his chart toppers start filling a club, chances are you’ll being singing Karma Chameleon or Do You Really Want To Hurt Me. This look at his legacy, and his position in the popular culture seems all the more prevalent now, not just because he’s got a new album out – though he does, but because his clear influence is David Bowie, an icon we feel the loss of all too rawly still.


Paul Klein, a film studies graduate from London.

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