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BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights August 8th – 14th

BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights August 8th – 14th IMAGE:

As mid-summer continues to roll on and the idea of going away on holiday becomes more of a challenge than a treat, the prospect of a staycation becomes the main method of relaxation. So as the Olympics gets into full swing, we’ve picked out some interesting viewing to go along side all the sporty goodness. These, are the best bits of this week’s TV Highlights. where can i buy Soma no prescription Mascara Boys – Channel 5 – 10pm

image-1-300x157 BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights August 8th - 14th

‘I was born in the wrong body,’ says Brazilian-born Rodrigo, 32, explaining in a recent interview what made him spend over £300,000 on cosmetic surgery. Dubbed the ‘Human Ken Doll’, Rodrigo has had nose jobs, muscle implants, teeth whitening and more to totally change his look – but as we find out in this film, his transformation has cost him more than money. Meanwhile, Junaid, 21, has had no surgery and is feeling pressurised to have his nose ‘fixed’. What will he do when he hears Rodrigo’s revelations about what can go wrong?


buying soma Horizon: Inside CERN – BBC 2 – 8pm

image-300x200 BEST OF THE BOX: TV Highlights August 8th - 14th

A year ago scientists at CERN ramped up their experiments, and started to run the Large Hadron Collider at the highest energy ever, which led to great excitement among physicists. Was CERN on the verge of discovering a brand new particle? If this was the case, it would be one of the most important discoveries in physics in the past 100 years, revealing the identity of dark matter and radically improving our understanding of the universe. This Horizon special goes behind the scenes at CERN to follow what happened when the teams working there saw a mysterious bump in their data.


Olympics In Rio 2016 – BBC One – 7pm

Clare Balding introduces the latest coverage on day seven in Rio. The team dressage grand prix reaches its conclusion at the National Equestrian Centre, with Great Britain hoping to retain their crown from the London Games in 2012. The women’s skeet final gets under way at 19.00 at the Olympic Shooting Centre, and there are swimming heats at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium including the men’s 4x100m medley at 19.10.


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