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REVIEW: The Fall S03 Ep3 – “The Gates of Light”

REVIEW: The Fall S03 Ep3 – “The Gates of Light” Who is this person? Jamie Dornan in The Fall [IMAGE: Twitter]

We are halfway through the third season and The Fall has managed to show us yet another face last night. We immersed ourselves in Paul Spector’s mind and we are confused just as much about what we have found as how it made us feel. ‘The Gates of Light’ was filled with meaningful conversations, deep emotions, interesting questions and some major developments. Let’s take a look at what happened in this week’s episode!

Paul’s journals have been found and they are carrying some pretty serious and dark secrets. You’d think that by this point, Stella and her team are not surprised by anything when it comes to Spector, but even they’ve seemed horrified by his inner thoughts – and a bit grossed out as well. We found it really exciting to watch how they are slowly building a strong evidential case against him – while he is struggling to recollect his own past.

The question is, is the amnesia real? Or is it an extremely clever plot of Paul’s to save himself? We’ve seen that Spector’s got a – maybe not brilliant but – certainly extraordinary mind so it could be fake. Superintendant Gibson and Burns definitely think it’s not real and who can blame them? It’s all too convenient, but of course it’s a bit too evident to assume it’s pretend, so who knows?

I found myself thinking a lot about Spector during and after the episode. He probably had some of his best scenes so far in ‘The Gates of Light’, and it was fascinating to watch him as not only a psychopath and a serial killer. We even felt sorry for him when he was interviewed by the psychologist and during his moments with his nurse, Kiera. Given the nature of the show, we immediately started doubting him, these new feelings and our own judgement. Is it possible that Paul Spector is fooling us massively? Or could he be this innocent somewhere deep down inside? We don’t know what to believe yet but it’s certainly hard to imagine a psychopath being so human – after all, his violent tendencies started when he was still a kid.

Speaking of emotions, we have to mention how different Stella Gibson seemed in this episode. We have seen signs of how much she’s affected by this case, but she was still so collected and strong all the way through the investigation. We are seeing her emotional side much more this season, and this makes her an extremely likeable main character. Gillian Anderson is amazing as ever, making these emotion-fuelled moments so special.

Jamie Dornan is not falling behind either – we think he gives the best performance of his acting career yet as Paul Spector. We keep wondering, how such a nice and good-looking guy can be this frightening? Because even now that we see a more gentle side of him, Dornan manages to look scary. Even in his most tender moments, there’s something dark in his eyes. Does anyone else think we got a glimpse of the real Spector in the last few seconds?

The writing is also worth some praise – we love the way people relate to Spector, how they show such a wide variety. It feels real that some are fascinated by him, some are scared, react with aversion and some are not affected by prejudice and see him as he is – or pretends to be – right now.

Even though this episode felt a bit calmer and slower than the usual pace, there’s tension everywhere boiling underneath the surface. We’ve got Katie who is definitely going to cause some trouble; the lawyer team; Kiera, whose kindness is even questioned by Spector. Dr. Larson, who already seems like an odd character and Sally Ann of course, who is slowly going crazy. We are in for an exciting treat for the last three episodes!


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