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REVIEW: The Great British Bake Off 2016

REVIEW: The Great British Bake Off 2016 Credit: Love Productions - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon ( cheap soma overnight saturday delivery After what seems like a lifetime since the last season ended, Bake Off is back to make our Wednesday nights that little bit more appetising. With everyone’s favourite double act, Mel and Sue back at the helm, it’s sure to be another fun series. Anyone who delights in a well risen sponge and shudders in fear at the thought of a soggy bottom, was glued to their televisions to see what treats would be in store and what bake-based drama this season would bring. And let’s not forget the opening jingle in the credits – let the happy GBBO dance offs commence!

As with each season, we are introduced to twelve new bakers, all who believe they are just what Bread God Paul Hollywood and High Priestess of Baking Mary Berry are looking for in a baker. So let’s sound them off:
Andrew – an aerospace engineer, teaching assistant Benjamina, secondary school PE teacher Candice, garden designer Jane, nurse Kate, Lee – a church pastor, Louise – a hairdresser from Cardiff, Politics and Economics student Michael, Rav – City Uni student support worker, Selasi – a client service associate, Tom – works for The Royal Society of Arts and former primary school headteacher Val.

To start things off right, this week was Cake Week. More specifically, the twelve newbies had to create the perfect drizzle cake. Flavourful, light and more importantly, moist! This was a challenge designed to see exactly how the contestants could bring their own flair to what is seen a classic but simple cake. The standouts in my opinion were definitely Rav’s ginger spice and yuzu drizzle cake, Benjamina’s pistachio, cardamom and lemon drizzle cake and Tom’s G&T drizzle cake. It’s a gin and tonic…in a cake! Tom, where have you been all out lives. Even Mary’s face when she was shown how much alcohol was going in the cake showed what we were all thinking, “yes, all the yes”.

The second assignment was the Technical Challenge, and this one was one that would decide households across the country. Jaffa Cakes. The bakers had to create 12, perfect, amazing and spongey Jaffa Cakes. With a simple guide to hand, it was gripping to watch as some of the bakers didn’t have a clue what to do. When it came to overall presentation and taste, Andrew was at the bottom of the pack. Selasi won first place with his more well composed Jaffas. In one fell swoop, not only did we learn the importance of a well defined Jaffa Cake, we also learnt that Jaffa Cakes are CAKES, not biscuits! Take that, all you biscuit defenders!

And yes Paul, we don’t dunk our Jaffa Cakes in the south. The look of pure disgust on Mary’s face was enough to make anyone either erupt into praise or shudder in fear. Depending on which side of the dunking fence you stood on.

For the final challenge, the bakers had to create their first showstopper of the series – a mirror glaze cake with a genoise sponge. Again, this was a chance for them to create something truly amazing and eye-catching.
This challenge saw deflated sponges-turned-frisbees, tears and dull glazes. The standouts, in our opinion, were Selasi’s raspberry sloe and white chocolate mirror glaze, Michael’s matcha tea and chocolate mirror glaze (even though Paul and Mary didn’t have a clue what matcha was…we’re still in shock!) and Rav’s Colombian mocha mirror glaze. But the overall Star Baker was chosen, and Jane left the tent victorious whilst Lee, unfortunately, had to say goodbye.

As first GBBO episodes go, this was pure cakes brilliance! This series should prove entertaining as well as continue the trend of insuring our weekly bakes. And now, onwards to biscuit week!


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