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The Great British Bake Off – Tudor Week

The Great British Bake Off – Tudor Week IMAGE: soma buy cheap Welcome weary net-traveller, to this week’s Ye Great British Bake Off review. In what is turning into a very special series for many, some too sad to remind ourselves again, reasons, it’s horrid to think that we are already starting to reach the end. Say it isn’t so! If you’ve been keeping an eye on the social media sites, you’ll have already started to see end-of-Bake-Off parties and viewings being organised. Even if you don’t watch Bake Off (and why don’t you?!), you’l know how much the nation is hanging onto every last drop of this series.

So it’s Week 7, and we have reached a rather unique Quarter Final. It’s Tudor Week! Seriously, who is coming up with these themes and why have they only waited until now to entertain us?! If you’re a fan of historical onus, then this episode is for you. Extra points will be awarded to to anyone who spots those puns about King Henry’s wives.

gbbo-tudor-940x529 The Great British Bake Off - Tudor Week


With Tudor Week comes Tudor recipes and a different kind of pastry/dough-based stress. For the Signature, the bakers were asked to make, in the spirit of all things Tudor, a display of 16 shaped pies. They must be decorative, juicy, tasty and lovely enough to make King Henry’s mouth water.
This week’s highlights were Andrew’s amazing and inventive Da Vinci inspired geared pies that could actually spin round, Benjamina’s Tudor Mexican adventure ( or as Mel and Sue described, Tudor Empanadas) and Candice’s cheesy cheesy fish pies (with a mix of Mac and cheese pies and ox cheese pies – made with two different pastries). Mary’s face as she tucked into Candice’s oysters was just pure joy! How we love Mary’s face! And Andrew seemed to have done the impossible and avoided the horrid Curse of the Star Baker this week. So far, he is the only one to be able to avoid the impending curse…is he the chosen one? Along with Candice, I think it’s safe to say that he is definitely Bake Off champion material.

For the Technical, the bakers were asked to make 12 Jumbles…Jumbles? Again, they’ve been asked to make something that make the majority of us go “whhaaaa?” and a few elitist foodies going “oh, I know what that is…ha ha”. The specification follows the two designs and to make 6 of each. Remember that dough-based stress I mentioned earlier? Well this challenge was absolutely full of it. The levels of stress caused by trying to construct a twisty biscuit ball. You know things are bad when even our Zen Master Selasi is stressed out! This was not turning out to be the best week for our beloved Selasi. Creating the best of the bunch, Candice won the challenge and Jane came in last, as she was let down by her pale bakes.

selasi-t The Great British Bake Off - Tudor Week


For the final challenge, the Showstopper was something on the sweeter side. The bakers had to make a marzipan centrepiece or a marchpane, as it would have been called in Tudor times. It had to be made from scratch and be sculpted or shaped into something to please the eyes as well as the tummy.
There was quite a mix in this week’s makes, from the creative, to the flamboyant to the unintentionally rude (we are looking at you Andrew and your Knights…hehe) but this didn’t come without a struggle. Everyone was in some kind of marzipan hell, most notably our dear Selasi who just couldn’t catch a break. The sight of marzipan tearing off the baking sheet and Selasi’s defeated face will stay with us forever. Benjamina’s maze garden was a pretty but fragile state and did I mention Andrew’s marzipan Knights? The fact they didn’t have any arms and only had a spouting caramelised blob between their legs was just an interesting choice. These week’s highlight were Candice’s glorious peacock, Jane’s marchpane swan with a nutty genoise sponge and just for the pure giggle factor, Andrew’s jousting Knights marchpane.

Once again, showing that she is the one to beat, Candice stole the crown once again and was awarded Star Baker. As this series starts to end, we are starting to lose the bakers that we really hold dear and that definitely started from this week as we said goodbye to Benjamina. I’m sure many hearts broke as Paul and Mary mentioned that the ones in trouble this week were our favourite Bake Off duo, Selasi and Benjamina and then we crumbled as visibly upset Benjamina had to say goodbye. A Bake Off without these two is like watching Adventure Time without Finn and Jake, ‘Will and Grace’ without Jack and Karen, Bake Off with Mel and Sue! We will miss you, you lovely, smiley lady named Benji!

bake-off-benjamina The Great British Bake Off - Tudor Week


Next week is the semi final, so it’s time to start preparing for the end *chokes back tears *. Till then, I’ll be on Twitter watching gifs of Selasi and Benjamina. I’m going to miss those two #SelaminaForever


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