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REVIEW: The Fall S3 Ep1 – “Silence and Suffering”

REVIEW: The Fall S3 Ep1 – “Silence and Suffering” IMAGE: Facebook

cheap soma overnight delivery The hiatus is over – The Fall is back to keep us on the edge of our seats for six short weeks. But let’s not think about that just yet but rather talk about the bang it arrived with! Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson is back on the top of her game – although a bit startled – and Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector is – well, alive. Buying Soma overnight delivery We were pretty excited to watch The Fall again and this episode reminded us once more why Allan Cubitt’s series is so extraordinary. The drama is gripping as always, the scenes are filled with tension, the acting is brilliant and the conversations are well written. The first half of the episode was quite unusual and a bit odd though. Long minutes of doctors running up and down, close-ups of an open abdomen, blood, surgery and medical terms are probably not on anyone’s list of why they are watching – and loving – The Fall. soma free overnight fedex delivery We’ve seen the premiere at the BFI for the first time – a  room full of people buzzing to see the long awaited episode and I think not only was our excitement shared but our surprise as well. A couple of minutes into all the blood, people started stirring in their seats and chuckling uncomfortably – we didn’t expect to see a hospital drama instead of The Fall. After those scenes were over – and don’t get me wrong, they were important and really tense, just unnecessarily long, considering we are talking about the main character who cannot really be killed off just yet – the episode got back to its usual voice.

We particularly loved the scene between Stella and Tom, who asked the question we all wanted answers to since the season 2 finale. Sometimes it feels like Anderson is the voice of reason in the series. Stella’s answer wasn’t really surprising – Gillian Anderson’s opinion about it all the more – but it was unusually tender. Detective Superintendant Gibson is such an efficient woman, we don’t often see emotions on her. Even though we know she cares, she is always so collected, someone who doesn’t let herself be affected in front of others. So seeing her in such a human way was a pleasant surprise which we cannot wait to see more of!

There’s not much to say about Spector after the first episode – he is alive but still in danger. Katie is all the more interesting. Even though she only had a couple of minutes on screen, the importance of her character is evident by now and based on the premiere, she is obsessed enough to somehow get Paul out of this mess. Rose Stagg is also alive and not surprisingly traumatised – it will be exciting to see where they are going with her character. The additional cast seems promising, Richard Coyle is a really good source of entertainment in the role of the sarcastic doctor.

The season premiere of The Fall was like a good friend we haven’t seen in ages – familiar and new at the same time. The tenderness not just of Stella’s and Tom’s scene, but also Spector’s in-between moments with his mum and Olivia were unusual, not to mention the closing scene, and may be a sign of a more emotional direction. All the characters are placed on the map, we are ready to see the next episode of The Fall! In the meantime, do you believe Stella? What do you think is going to happen to Paul? And what’s going to be the role of all these strong women in this chapter?


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