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REVIEW: The Fall S3 Ep4 – “The Hell Within Him”

REVIEW: The Fall S3 Ep4 – “The Hell Within Him” 'The Hell Within Him' is Gillian Anderson's favourite episode of the season [IMAGE: Twitter]

‘The Hell Within Him’ is exactly what it sounds like. It is a journey through Spector’s mind, but it also hints at his ability to affect people even from far away. He can (pretend to) be a nice person. Paul Spector’s acts reach everyone, and cause suffering to anyone who’s ever met him.

It’s no secret we like The Fall, but we feel like it’s getting better and better over the years. We’ve already praised the writing and the new, emotional side of Superintendant Stella Gibson, and we are also really excited about the direction they took this season. After the finale of series 2, we were unsure about how well the show is going to work without Spector’s secret identity, but we should have had faith in creator Allan Cubitt.

Considering The Fall‘s usual slow pace, things seem to have sped up in ‘The Hell Within Him’. Sally Ann’s cry for help was not completely unexpected, but still heartbreaking, and Gillian Anderson proved once again that she is perfect for the role of Stella Gibson. She expresses such a wide range of emotions so naturally, it’s a pleasure to watch.

A drinking Burns is never a good sign – and we don’t really know what to think about him anyway. We want to like him, but he is not making it easy with his irrational behaviour. The lawyers are also not really likeable, however they’re an interesting addition to the mess the situation is right now, and they have a good point regarding Stella and Paul’s relationship. Criticism of their odd intimacy and fascination with each other is a recurring element this season, and not unreasonably. We have questioned Stella’s motives before – and even though she is clearly fuelled by hate and despise at this point, we see where the lawyers’ idea is coming from.

After ‘The Hell Within Him’, we’d say Spector is definitely faking his memory loss. Jamie Dornan might be a very talented actor, but Paul Spector is not. Or at least having seen him developing as a smart serial killer, his pretend show couldn’t fool us. It was a convincing act without a doubt – for someone who’s never met him before. We could be wrong of course, but it doesn’t seem likely. We have to admit, it is a really smart move – and the way he is feeding his lawyers with potential questions is pure genius.

He definitely managed to fool Kiera, who must be the most naive character in The Fall. Seriously, she is exactly Spector’s type, and the way he looks at her is more than alarming. Are we the only ones who’ve noticed how much the nurse looks like Rose? Speaking of whom, Rose Stagg’s confession was one of the most powerful scenes of not only the episode but the whole season so far.

And then there’s Dr. Larson, who seemed slightly less creepy this time, but he’s surely going to cause some complications. Not to mention Billy, whose significance is not clear yet, but the smile he earned from Spector is not exactly promising. There are so many questions still and only two episodes – both airing next week – let’s hope we are not going to be disappointed in the end!


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