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REVIEW: Orange Is The New Black S4 (Eps 10-13)

REVIEW: Orange Is The New Black S4 (Eps 10-13) Image via

saturday delivery on soma Be prepared for some serious spoilers, as we add the final four episodes of Orange Is The New Black onto it’s season 4 sentence. Death, chaos, riots and the weirdest threesome ever are all present and correct here as an occasionally patchy season 4 closes out with arguably some of the show’s most memorable moments yet. cheap soma cod As this season has rolled on, we’ve come to realise that the infrastructure of Litchfield prison is slowly beginning to crack apart under the weight of the new prisoners and the new guards. In these last episodes, it all finally reaches breaking point, but not as you’d expect. Hints were made of a growing race war between the prisoners, not least, during of all things, a screening of The Wiz. As the racial insults fly, the guards decide to shut down the film, causing Taystee to frustratingly, but hilariously, exclaim: “They didn’t even get to meet the Wiz, the titular character! He’s played by Richard Pryor people!”

Soma no prescription needed overnight As we should expect with OITNB however,  the writers will play with your expectations of the prisoners, as it’s not each other that they end up turning on, but the guards. They put their differences aside and even manage to plan a peaceful, non-violent protest in attempt to oust the increasingly dictatorial Piscatella. In a call-back to Blanca’s and Piper’s Guantanamo Bay style punishment in earlier episodes, all the inmates stand on the canteen tables as an act of defiance to Piscatella and his guards. It ends tragically though, after he orders the prisoners removed, Bayley, the fresh-faced “nice guard”, ends up over-restraining poor Poussey, resulting in her untimely death.

Soma fast delivery no doctors Yes, OITNB proves it’s not afraid to go all Game of Thrones on us and heartlessly slaughter one of it’s more beloved characters. Poussey Washington has increasingly grown to be the heart and soul of the show, even the moral compass the more that Piper has slipped off the rails. But of course in TV land, this also means that she has become more and more vulnerable to dastardly writing rooms, as they look to off someone for the most dramatic impact possible. There’s no doubt that her death in the penultimate episode of the season shakes things up and ultimately lead to a less peaceful, very-violent protest as the season ends with a riot and a gun in the face of the crazy, far-too-literal new guard Humps. Who knows, maybe he’ll get karma full in the face, if the prisoners manage to find a baby mouse and ten dead flies? Order Soma no script next day delivery

doctor shopping for soma prescription Inevitably, the nature of Poussey’s death and the aftermath of it, will lead the viewer to draw their own comparisons with real-life events such as the civil unrest in Ferguson after the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer. OITNB certainly does not shy away from such topics, as clear parallels are made between the two, as Caputo attempts to protect Bayley from any potential criminal charges as he makes a public statement that the young officer should not be punished for his role in Poussey’s death. It’s an incendiary statement, which lights the blue touch paper of the climatic riot. It reminds us of how, despite as seemingly benevolent they might appear to be (Caputo especially this season seems to be even more on the side of the prison population, than ever before), those in charge will sometimes end up closing ranks against their subjects. It’ll be fascinating to see how this powder-keg of a story is resolved next season. soma cod Another potential loss of a fan-favourite character, comes in the form of Lolly, who exits stage left in episode 11 as she heads towards the terrifying Jacob’s Ladder-esque psych ward. The discovery of the body of Alex’s hit-man (whom Alex spends the rest of the season guiltily leaving notes around the prison stating his name – his name was Robert Paulson, sorry, it was Aydin Baya). Healy puts two and two together and realises it was probably Lolly that did him in. Which results in Lolly being dragged away to psych, in a painful scene where she pleads for help from Healy. Who then himself checks into his own psychiatric hospital, after his own suicide attempt. You keeping up with all this? We’ve said in previous reviews how disappointing it would be to potentially lose a character like Lolly from the show, as Lori Petty has been great fun to watch this season. We doubt this will be the last we see of her, or Healy for the matter, as it seems both characters have not yet quite run their full course in OITNB. cheap soma cod Mental illness certainly seems to be a prevalent thread this season and certainly no more so than in Suzanne, aka Crazy Eyes. Her sometimes childish innocence has been in stark contrast to what is sometimes much darker elements to her character. In these final episodes, this is explored even more  fully as we see her violently react to her ex-girlfriend Maureen’s taunting of her and in her flashback episode, the potential explanation of her imprisonment, which is a somewhat shocking moment. As always then, OITNB manages to skilfully weave between the heavier and lighter moments of a character, as Uzo Aduba successfully adds more layers to an already fascinating character.

Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping It would be remiss now for us not to mention the best comedic moment of season four, with THAT threesome. Following a lock-down in the prison and a healthy dose of MDMA, Judy King, Joel the guard and Yoga Jones (a triple J threat) end up having drug-fuelled sexy times together. We’ve admittedly not loved the character of Judy so far, but she really comes alive in this episode as we get to see her gleeful joy in her ability in manipulating others, to get what she wants. There’s a dolly shot in particular, of the three post-threesome, and as the drugs have worn off, with Joel and Jones looking particularly disgusted, but Judy seemingly pleased as punch with herself. Her fate though, may lie in the hands of others, as she ends up slap-bang in the middle of the prison riot at the end of the season. Buying Soma overnight delivery All in all, these last episodes of season four have been some of the best yet of OITNB. They’ve been funny, poignant, surprising and disturbing, leaving us, as always, craving more. With some clever character development and one painful, shocking demise (if you’ve managed to avoid the spoilers, anyway), there has been a real kick to the foundations of Litchfield prison and this should make season five an interesting one. For now though, we must suffer the ignominy and pain of any binge-watcher, as we wait nearly a year to see what comes next. Curse you Netflix, for making us this way!


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