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REVIEW: Outcast S1 Ep10 – “This Little Light”

REVIEW: Outcast S1 Ep10 – “This Little Light” Credit:

When Jim Morrison once crowed that ‘this is the end’, he probably wasn’t thinking about the tenth and final episode of Outcast: Season 1. But as it draws to a close, it could very much be seen as a partial swan song. In wrapping up the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s demonic possession-come-melodrama, the show could very easily have gone for all out Exorcist-ripping off. Instead, it stays the course and delivers another great episode. One that leaves you wanting more, so thank god a second season has been ordered!

While the episode begins with some very uneasy kids in peril stuff, along with too much eye touching, the episode has no intention of going quietly. Like the demonic beasties at it’s heart, the show isn’t compelled by the power of Christ but rather by a need to terrify. After last week’s shocking cliffhanger, this week sees the two youngest characters come face to face with pure evil, and the little girls excel, managing to do scared brilliantly without ever going for over the top.

Wrenn Schmidt does wonders turning the formerly strong minded Megan into one part feral animal, one part scared little girl, not falling into the usual sub-Carrie traps and doing some truly impressive things with her pale face, and expressive eyes. In fact, despite a decided lack of Emmy Nominations, the cast by and large is doing some truly great work. Patrick Fugit has all the leading man charm you would expect from a drama show, and at times is more compelling than other Kirkman counterparts. He certainly outdoes the “Stuff and Thangs” of Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead, and manages to do better than his Gone Girl co-star Kim Dickens in the zombie sister show.

Of course, as you would expect, Philip Glenister and Reg E. Cathey bring pedigree to their roles as the Reverend fighting for what’s right, and the chief of police who believes in his religious friend, but still knows there has to be proof. It’s refreshing, and something that has made this series work, that Chief Giles actually believes what Anderson says and doesn’t discourage it. He’s a religious man too, but the way the law works is sometimes against them.

As the show has always done, it saves Brent Spiner for the best moments, as the besuited but so very evil Sidney. Even while there is an element of resolution, the show wouldn’t work if it tied up all the loose ends, and so as with all the worst things in this world, the show promises a resolution it has no real intention of keeping.

Yes, there are triumphs. It looks as if Sidney is done for, and it also looks as though things will be alright for Anderson and his possible girlfriend, but of course, if that were the case there’d be no reason for a second season. But from the final shot of the episode, this is definitely the most gripping the show has been. Roll on Season Two, we can’t wait!



Paul Klein, a film studies graduate from London.

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  1. Music Omega says:

    Hello Paul, Episode 10 looks really appalling, you know where I can download the full episode from?

  2. Trypophobia says:

    Season 10 preview looks scary

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