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Two Man Show at The Soho Theatre

Two Man Show at The Soho Theatre RashDash - Two Man Show 05.08.16 . Summerhall Photo Credit: Richard Davenport i

After it’s run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, RashDash’s Two Man Show will be coming to Soho Theatre for a four-week run. Following their recent shows on the objectification of women, monogamy, female friendship, and porn, this time RashDash wrestles with masculinity and how patriarchy is bad for everyone.

Made up of the theatre-makers and performers Abbi Greenland and Helen Goalen, Rash Dash’s work is a combination of radical feminist ideas and the are articulating these ideas well, as the award-spangled shelf will attest.

The duo will play women playing women playing men in a show about how being a man can be a dangerous, difficult and confusing act. In their trademark raw and visceral performance style, the pair approach the often ignored questions about what it is to be a man in a feminist future, how language is geared towards empowering men, and what men and women really understand about each other.

The show is full of live music, movement and women playing men. It is, in short, a mass of contradictions. Expect to be moved and confused, provoked, tickled and alarmed.

Two Man Show

The Soho Theatre

6th Sept – 1st Oct

For more information, check out the website


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